Do good,  Love others,

Be a light in dark places

Made for More uses a portion of every purchase to support people and causes who are doing good, loving others, and being a light in dark places.  

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About Us

Made For More Handcrafted Jewelry began in the fall of 2017 when my two youngest children and I were looking for a way to help my oldest daughter raise money for a mission trip to Germany to work with refugees. Our jewelry was a hit!  We loved what we were doing and it seemed everyone else did too!  That's when we got the idea... "Let's keep making jewelry and use some of our profits to support more people who are doing good things".  

Our collection of handmade jewelry is made up of one of a kind pieces crafted around our kitchen island on our farm in Amboy, Illinois.

Our hand sculpted feathers and stamped design pieces are made using polymer clay, as are many of the hand rolled beads.  Other materials we use include genuine leather, .999 silver plated and solid copper metals in antique finishes, and beads made of glass, wood, and semi precious stones.

We love knowing that each piece of jewelry we create is

"Made For More"



from the bottom of our hearts.  Here are some of the ways you have joined us in doing good, loving others, and being a light in dark places...

Thank you


Isabelle's Mission Trip

We helped send Isabelle to Germany where she worked with Syrian and Iraqi children at refugee camps


Preemptive Love Coalition

We made a donation to Preemptive Love for their work on the front lines of war in Syria and Iraq.  They provide relief as well as create jobs for those needing to rebuild


Rockford Rescue Mission

We provided a Thanksgiving dinner for 24 people at the Rockford Rescue Mission.


Pizza Party

We got to be a part of a pizza party for children at a refugee camp by sending money to buy small toys and candy.


Krissy's Mission Trip

We joined in supporting Krissy, age 15, on her mission trip to Uganda where she worked with children and helped lead VBS.


Samaritan's Purse

Kate and Sam chose a variety of gifts from the Giving Catalog including feeding a hungry baby, buying basketballs for a refugee camp, cozy blankets for disaster victims, and contributing to surgeries for children born with cleft palates.

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